From idea to start-up

From Karachi to Munich
My name is Bari Ahmad, I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and discovered my home Germany at the age of one and a half. Throughout my life journey I learned what it means to bridge East and West.
I hit on the idea of founding the bari bari label when I was looking for a laptop bag with a transparent production method and thus also meeting my quality requirements. My search ended on a flea market where I discovered a wonderful vintage briefcase.

Vintage values
Getting many compliments for that bag, I realized there are many more people like me. People that prefer beautiful handmade products to mass merchandise and to whom quality is important. Initiated by this, I played with the idea of transporting exactly these vintage values into the here and now by manufacturing bags made in Germany with a sustainable economic background.
To expand this knowledge I attended a leather sewing course in Florence, Italy, to learn more about the texture and prodecure of leather manufacturing, in order to exchange technical views with manufacturers.
Subsequently my self-studies expanded my knowledge continually.

Feel and Optics
Next I looked for a fitting leather production site and by doing that I further expanded my knowledge of the art of leathering and the various leather tanning methods on a daily base. My dream of creating my own bags slowly took shape...
In my search for a suitable leather, my bag maker and me came across camel leather, whose surface feel and optics revealed an unique colour gradient. Intuitively I settled for this leather, since it is also tanned in Germany and thus meeting my demands for transparency and high overall standards.
With the expansion of the collection, which was based on passion and interest at first, I realized that I had to found a label to enable a market entry.
Meanwhile our team consists of three people that cover design, marketing and business management.