Our leather bags - Mindfully designed & crafted in Germany

Robust Leather
Camel leather has unique attributes - it is robust, weatherproof yet smooth
Puristic Design
Inspired by the minimalistic Bauhaus style our products combine quality and timeless design.
Honest Craftmanship
We manufacture in Germany. And guarantee technical quality and fair work conditions

Orient meets Occident

Inspired by the minimalist Bauhaus style, the synthesis of art and function, we wanted to conceive a bag that combines local handicraft and knowledge with slimmed-down class design. It was also important to us that these bags not only score well with their pleasant appearance but also with the quality of the leather and the functionality of the design.

The Camel Leather

The camel leather is premium processed and comfortable in daily use. Over time, it obtains a unique patina effect. Our leather bags and leather goods are manufactured in Germany by a German bag maker with a long tradition.
It is our aim to create a product that combines high quality and classic design with sustainability and a love for our environment.
The result is a convenient and classy laptop bag which will be both fashionable and timeless, a piece to be passed from generation to generation.

Eye-Catching centerpiece - the Fallschäkel Clasp

The classic Fallschäkel clasp which is coming from yachting forms the centerpiece of the leather bag, combining slimmed-down functionality and quality.
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